William Feyerabend Certified Professional Geologist
William Feyerabend Certified Professional Geologist 





William Feyerabend   CPG-11047

4218 Kachina Way, Prescott Valley, AZ  86314

Phone:  928-772-9304 (Home)  928-830-0721 (cell)

Email: billfeyerabend@yahoo.com


Professional Skills                                 Country Experience

AIPG member                                                   Bolivia

Conversational Spanish                                    Chile

MapInfo (in training)                                          China

SME member                                                    Colombia

SEG member                                                    Ghana


Deposit Experience                                         Mexico


Gold – Mesquite, CA,                                        Saudi Arabia                         

           Chimney Creek, NV                               United States     

           Saudi Arabian shield                              Venezuela

           Guyana shield

           Ghana placer gold                       

Silver-Gold                                                          Tungsten-Tin                        

          Guanajuato, Mexico                                Lian Hua, China          

Silver – Lead – Zinc                                 Gold-Copper                         

          San Cristobal. Bolivia                              Tantahuatay, Peru     

          Paguanta, Chile                                        Brisas, Venezuela      

          Yu Feng, China

Zinc - Tennessee and Arkansas                                                  

          (oxide) Jabal Dhylon, Saudi Arabia                

Industrial Minerals                                             

          Glass Sand - Marston, North Carolina

          Barite - Sweetwater, Tennessee


Outside Accomplishments                           

Past Board member, Humboldt Co.                

          (NV) Economic Development      


Distinguished Toastmaster  Past Pres., Winnemucca Lions Club

Small business owner          Newspaper writer




William Feyerabend   CPG – 11047  

4218 Kachina Way, Prescott Valley, AZ  86314

Phone:  928-772-9304 (Home)  928-830-0721 (cell)

Email: billfeyerabend@yahoo.com



            I have over 30 years of experience throughout the United States, Latin America and in Africa, Arabia and China exploring for a variety of commodities in different deposit types - particularly gold, copper, silver-zinc-lead and industrial minerals. I have worked every step of the discovery process from research and initial exploration to feasibility studies involving multi-drill programs. I know what several mines looked like as raw prospects and the stages from exploration to production. My work experience shows I am very comfortable learning new technologies and working in other cultures. We speak Spanish in our home (my wife is Peruvian and trained in public and community relations). I have put my experience to use advising companies on property investment, answering investor questions, writing technical reports for properties and providing teachable moments for project geologists in different cultures.



Consulting Geologist.  Clients include Lian Hua Mining Corp.,

Oremex Resources,Gold Port, GeoXplor, Geovic, Endeavour Silver,

Allied Nevada Gold, and Ventura. August, 2007 to present.

The work Included:

  • Investment recommendations
  • Geologic and resource modeling
  • 43-101 reporting
  • Surveying competitor activity
  • Organizing a multi-drill campaign with QAQC procedures
  • Field mapping and sampling with property recommendation
  • Staff training in foreign settings.


Paguanta Resources, Chile (Mineral Securities, LTD.) Jefe de Proyecto

2006 to 2007

I met the goal of identifying drill targets on 39 sq. km. of the Altiplano within six months. I accomplished that by carrying out technical functions, developing practices, policies and a budget pertinent to the area while monitoring costs and assigning tasks to and mentoring younger employees. I continued technical functions and provided geological input while working with outside consultants following the discovery of significant mineralization. I supervised the integrating of geological mapping and geochemical and geophysical surveys with RC and core drilling to generate a published resource. March, 2006 to August, 2007



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Petro Hunt, Saudi Arabia

Field management of drill program in Saudi Arabia. Sept.-Dec., 2005.


Self Employed.                                                                                               1998-2006

Business owner.  Arizona satellite TV dealership purchased when metal prices plummeted in the late 1990s. I was one of the few survivors of a rapidly changing marketplace. The business is now closed due to an unfortunate choice of partners while I was overseas. This taught me some good basic lessons about people and business.


Consulting Geologist                                                                                   1997-1998

Andean Silver, San Cristobal property, Bolivia

Logging drill core and chips to developing a geologic model of a silver-lead-zinc deposit in the Altoplano.


Senior Geologist – Project Manager                                                      1995-1997

Gold Reserve, Brisas property, Venezuela

Logging core, managing project thru pre-feasibility study stage of a copper-gold deposit in the Venezuelan KM 88 District.


Gerente de Operaciones                                                                            1994-1995

Southern Peru Copper, Projecto Tantahuatay, Peru

Managed property exploration for gold and disseminated copper deposit in Peru.


Self-employed.                                                                                                1992-1994

I used the Gold Fields corporate downsizing as an opportunity to try small business. I took my interest in geology and history and used it to develop interpretive cassette tapes for travelers on Interstate 40 and some side trips. It would be an interesting hobby but not a business.                                                                                      


Geologist - Senior Geologist                                                                 1980-1992

Gold Fields Mining Corp, Yuma, AZ and Winnemucca, NV

Exploration and development of the Mesquite, Picacho and Chimney Creek mines and gold prospect evaluation and district exploration in Arizona, California and Nevada.


Geologist                                                                                                      1972-1980

U. S. Borax Corp., Knoxville, TN

Exploration and development: Mississippi Valley-type zinc-fluorite, industrial minerals and gold deposits in the southeastern U.S. Specifically, developed and managed gold exploration in the SE US. I worked the Sweetwater and Powell River, Tennessee districts, the north Arkansas zinc district, Cognac, North Carolina glass sand deposit and the Piney River, Virginia rutile / ilmenite district. I spent a small amount of time in Nova Scotia for Mississippi Valley-type zinc exploration.




B. Sc. Geology, 1972, University of Southern California



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Distinguished Toastmaster, Past President Winnemucca Host Lions Club,

Past Board Member – Humboldt County (NV) Development Authority

Private Pilot (not current)

Over 100 hours air time in both hang gliders and ultralight aircraft


43-101 Format Technical Reports


Technical Report on the Purisima Gold Project, Chihuahua State, Mexico


Technical Report on the CR Uranium Claim Group, Gila County, AZ


Technical Report on the San Lucas Gold Property, Durango State, Mexico


Technical Report on the Huicicila Gold Property, Nayarit State, Mexico


Technical Report on the AF Lithium Claim Group, Esmeralda County, Nevada


Technical Report Update on the San Lucas Gold Property, Durango State, Mexico


Technical Report on the Popales Gold Project, Antioquia State, Colombia


Technical Report on the Chalchihuites Silver Property, Zacatecas State, Mexico


Technical Report Update on the AF Lithium Claim Group, Esmeralda County, Nevada


Technical Report on the Tamberlin Gold Property, Guyana


Technical Report on the El Rayo Gold Property, Antioquia State, Colombia


Technical Report on the Bethlehem Iron Ore Property, Gila County, Arizona



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Technical Report on the Waters Sunset Gold Property, Yavapai County, Arizona


Technical Report on the Silver Horn Silver Property, Mohave County, Arizona


Technical Report on the TTM Silver Property, Yavapai County, Arizona


Technical Report on the Krofofrom Gold Placer Property, Western Region, Ghana


Technical Report on the Yu Feng Silver-Lead Deposit, Yunnan Province, China


Technical Report on the Lien Hua Tungsten Deposit, Yunnan Province, China


Technical Report Update on the CV/DB Lithium Claim Group, Esmeralda County, Nevada, USA.


Technical Report on the NSP Lithium Claim Group, Esmeralda County, Nevada, USA.






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